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Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy

Victoria is investing in an unprecedented way in major projects including transport, social, education and justice infrastructure.

This investment is driving a level of project delivery activity, which will require a growing cohort of great project leaders – leaders who will play a critical role in further strengthening Victoria economically and socially.

Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy

The Victorian Major Projects Leadership Academy (VMPLA) was established in 2019 to help build and maintain the talent needed to deliver complex infrastructure projects. Following the success of the program in 2019, the VMPLA has grown to include participants from all across the country and from 2020 will be known as the Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy (AMPLA).

OPV continues to work with the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School and Ernst & Young (EY) to deliver this prestigious program in project leadership.  

Oxford Saïd is a world leader in research on complex mega projects, having developed and led the UK Major Projects Leadership Academy for many years. EY has extensive expertise in major projects leadership and in-depth local knowledge of the Victorian and Australian industry context.

The 12-month program provides high-quality training to ensure that the leaders of complex major projects are at the forefront of current project delivery thinking. Participants come from state government and infrastructure agencies across Australia.

The course is designed to boost infrastructure leadership and capability across the public sector. The program content is based on primary research and case studies that have been proven to deliver significant positive impact.

In addition to delivering structured theoretical content, the Academy provides experiential learning with opportunities to apply learning in day-to-day work and solve the issues of greatest impact for major projects.

The Academy is intended for Executive Officers with responsibility for large or strategically important projects, programs or portfolios.

Admission to the AMPLA is by CEO/Agency head nomination.

AMPLA learning journey

Central to the program are three residential learning modules, each introducing a different concept to support the transfer of learning into day-to-day leadership practice. The world-class program will significantly strengthen executive capability to deliver projects, lifting the overall bar of project leadership.

Key elements of the learning journey include:

  1. Leadership Assessment

    Assessments to establish a common understanding of leadership, and to learn about personal strengths, development areas, and effectiveness in project leadership domains.

  2. Peer Support Groups

    Participants will be allocated into small groups to discuss and share experiences within the group and expand the collective learning journey.

  3. Masterclass

    Tailored learning sessions to affirm the knowledge of the key topic areas with in-depth practitioner led case studies.

  4. Distance Learning

Teaching and learning tools to enhance the experience – including technology applications with a focus on maximising learning engagement.

Supporting the AMPLA Journey

Live Challenge – Working to solve real problems that impact major projects, the Live Challenge links in with day-to-day work issues that participants face. This is an individual and personalised challenge chosen together with the manager to address a relevant challenge faced on a major project. The Live Challenge is developed at the commencement of the program and is designed to deliver a real business benefit by the completion.

Industry Deep Dive – Participants will engage with external organisations and groups to view common project problems from different perspectives.

Portfolio of Evidence – Participants will capture their learning throughout the process to enhance the benefits of the program. This mechanism is designed to measure the impact of the academy learning journey and link it to application on projects.

Speakers with Specialist Insights – The program includes opportunities to hear from, engage and connect with guest speakers. Speakers include industry experts and individuals from a range of different commercial and project backgrounds who can offer insight on the key areas of learning.

AMPLA highlights video

The AMPLA 2020 will continue in an online format during the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

For more information or to enquire about program admission, please contact or call (03) 7005 9130.


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