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System wide improvements

Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) works with departments and delivery agencies to address systemic project delivery issues and constraints.

These can include the capability and capacity of resources, industry sustainability, procurement approaches and best practice project delivery.

We champion a state-wide, whole of government approach to understanding relevant issues and facilitate the sharing of best practice advice between government’s infrastructure delivery agencies.

The Construction Leadership Group

With the changing volume, scale and complexity of infrastructure projects in Victoria, Office of Projects Victoria brings together infrastructure delivery leaders on a quarterly basis to implement a series of initiatives in the areas of:

  • Capability and capacity of resources;
  • Industry sustainability;
  • Lessons learnt and research dissemination;
  • Procurement approaches;
  • Risk allocation;
  • Consistency of and best practice project delivery approaches; and
  • Industry engagement.

The Construction Leadership Group aims to address system wide project delivery issues to ensure the Government’s investments are delivered in an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions the CLG is working to coordinate Victoria’s infrastructure delivery response and mitigate disruption where possible. 

Capability and capacity

Delivery of world class infrastructure requires highly developed skills and capability. We’re building project management and leadership expertise across government to deliver Victoria’s infrastructure program.

We are working on a number of initiatives to deliver on this role, including:

  • Developing the talent needed to deliver complex infrastructure projects through the Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy;
  • Building the skills and capability of government project delivery staff through specialist training courses in areas such as commercial capability and complex negotiations; and
  • Workforce modelling to help ensure that the supply of project delivery professionals keeps pace with Victoria’s project delivery pipeline.

Commercial Capability Framework

Office of Projects Victoria has developed the Commercial Capability Framework to define and measure commercial skills and competencies within the Victorian Public Service. The Framework is intended to be used in workforce planning, to inform position descriptions, identify knowledge gaps and to help develop performance development plans.

Visit the Resources page to download a copy of the Commercial Capability Framework.

Office of Projects Victoria training

Victoria is undergoing a time of change with unprecedented investment in infrastructure projects across the state. Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) is working to support project delivery teams to develop the skills and capabilities they need to succeed. OPV coordinates specialised training to increase the skills and performance of government employees working to deliver Victoria’s infrastructure pipeline. 

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