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View Office of Projects Victoria best practice guidance documents and publications.

Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy (AMPLA) 2022 Prospectus

The AMPLA Prospectus provides a course overview, the AMPLA learning methodology, the faculty members who will guide the learning journey. 

AMPLA Prospectus 2022 (PDF, 8.1MB)

Commercial Capability Framework

The Commercial Capability Framework is a tool to define and measure commercial skills and competencies of Victorian Public Service (VPS) and Executive Officer staff working in infrastructure delivery roles. It gives guidance on the behaviours, skills and expertise that reflect different levels of commercial capability required to deliver successful project outcomes.

Commercial Capability Framework (PDF, 12MB)

Commercial Capability Framework (DOC, 188KB)

Digital Asset Policy

The Digital Asset Policy provides clear requirements for digital asset information management to support the planning, design, construction, and operation of Victorian Government projects and assets. It sets consistent information requirements for Victorian Government Departments, agencies, and projects to improve productivity and deliver better outcomes for all Victorians.

Digital Asset Policy (PDF, 7MB)

Digital Asset Policy (DOC, 24MB)

Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS)

Victoria is excited to lead the way in developing contemporary and detailed guidance to the many stakeholders that deliver Victoria’s projects and assets. The VDAS sets out the vital process for safeguarding the digital systems that will allow us to monitor and improve the creation and management of infrastructure assets in Victoria.

Victorian Digital Asset Strategy

International Major Infrastructure Projects Benchmarking Review

This benchmarking report prepared by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) focused on 379 large transport and social infrastructure projects greater than $250 million across 14 OECD nations, providing an insight into the performance and challenges of complex project delivery. 

International Major Infrastructure Projects Benchmarking Review (PDF, 4.9MB)

Project Development and Due Diligence Guidelines

The Project Development and Due Diligence Guidelines (PDDD) provide a guide for project proponents on how to integrate PDDD activities into Victoria’s High Value High Risk Framework and the Gateway Review Process. The guidelines recommend various activities to be undertaken during the project planning and development stages of Victorian Government sponsored infrastructure projects.

Project Development and Due Diligence Guidelines (DOC, 1.2MB)

Risk, Time, Cost and Contingency

The Risk, Time, Cost, and Contingency (RTCC) Guidelines provide consistent cost and schedule approaches across all major Victorian infrastructure projects, incorporating the use of modern statistical methods to define and measure risk. Additional requirements and expectations are defined based on project scope, stage, and project value and risk context to ensure reporting and management are fit-for-purpose.

Risk, Time, Cost and Contingency Guidelines (DOC, 7.1MB)

Sustainable Investment Guidelines

The Sustainable Investment Guidelines (SIG) support project teams to incorporate environmental, social and economic sustainability in Victorian government Infrastructure Investments. It is contemporary with sustainability best practice and government priorities and policies including the Victorian Government Climate Strategy, the Recycled First policy, Green Bonds, and aspirations to mitigate project cost escalation by building a more circular economy. 

Sustainable Investment Guidelines (DOC, 5.9MB)

Sensing Technology Application Guidelines

The application of sensors on physical assets has the potential to provide a step change in providing more accurate and useful data on the state of an asset and its performance. As sensing technology becomes less expensive it is expected that its application will increasingly be viewed as a key requirement. This policy is designed to guide when and how to consider the application of sensing technology on Victorian Government controlled infrastructure assets.

Sensing Technology Application Guidelines (DOC, 8.1MB)

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