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Project Assurance Reviews

Office of Projects Victoria’s (OPV) Project Assurance Reviews complement and strengthen the Gateway Review Process, an important element of the Department of Treasury and Finance’s (DTF) infrastructure assurance framework.

Project Assurance Reviews are undertaken by a team of public and private sector reviewers and provide timely advice to Government, the responsible department and/or agency, and DTF on a project or program’s progress, objectives, governance and readiness. Project Assurance Reviews are designed to improve confidence in project delivery, reduce ‘scope creep’ and allow wider stakeholder engagement than other processes may allow.

Project Assurance Reviews include bespoke terms of reference developed by DTF in consultation with OPV and individual project teams. Project Assurance Reviews will usually be conducted shortly before a decision point or key milestone is reached or during construction when there is a long period between Gates 4 (Tender Decision) and 5 (Readiness for Service). Project Assurance Reviews can also be requested by the Treasurer, responsible Minister, department or agency.

All high-value, high-risk, information communication technology (ICT) projects are required to complete Project Assurance Reviews due to the unique risks associated with ICT projects.

Project Assurance Reviews are designed to assess current project status, evaluate it against the project plan and goals, and provide the delivery agency with an independent assessment of the health of the project. They will:

  • Be undertaken annually for select projects;
  • Have bespoke Terms of Reference to meet specific challenges; and
  • Provide tailored advice.
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