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Independent project advice

Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) works alongside project delivery teams providing access to resources, expertise and advice tailored to address specific project needs.

Independent Project Support

OPV provides support, technical advice and recommendations to project delivery teams and government on avenues to improve project outcomes.

We are also responsible for advising the Treasurer on improvements and recommendations for projects that are not on target to deliver required outcomes.

We work with government agencies by:

  • Providing project support on projects that have schedule and/or budget issues;
  • Providing advice and recommendations to the project manager or steering/governance committees;
  • Advising on engineering and technical project matters;
  • Providing short-term intensive cooperation and ad hoc support to project delivery teams; and
  • Reviewing progress in implementing recommendations and improvements.

Infrastructure Projects Experts Panel

OPV has created a panel of infrastructure projects experts to undertake robust and independent project reviews to support delivery authorities quickly and efficiently when unforeseen and complex project issues arise.

The Infrastructure Projects Experts Panel will provide delivery entities an avenue of expert technical capability to assist over short periods. The panel includes the following key features:

  • A strong line up of multi-disciplinary experts assembled by OPV to assist delivery agencies with projects experiencing urgent pressures;
  • OPV working collaboratively with delivery agencies to develop the best solution to specific project challenges; and
  • The commitment to being open, trusted and sharing our views and reports with delivery agencies.

In the current market, many major capital projects are planned for fast track execution. This, coupled with current resource challenges, exposes these projects to greater risks in the areas of cost and schedule management. OPV coordinates subject matter experts and trusted advisors from industry to review specific challenges that project teams are addressing, remaining independent while presenting the findings and providing valuable advice.

Benefits include:

  • Expertly identifying any performance gaps between project goals and current progress status and execution plans;
  • Recognising key factors that are impeding project progress and project issues that need to be urgently addressed;
  • Recommending pragmatic and innovative solutions and management initiatives that will enhance project results and enable project success; and
  • Capturing key lessons learned and recommending better practice for future projects.
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