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Offsite Construction

OPV is working to improve the way projects are designed and delivered by increasing the uptake of modern methods of construction in Victorian major infrastructure projects.

Offsite Construction Guide

The Victorian Offsite Construction Guide is currently in development – to provide instruction to government departments and agencies on how to plan, design and deliver social, transport, health and education infrastructure for Victorians.

The Guide:

  • Provides practical instruction to support decision making,
  • Assists project teams to clarify their expectations at each stage of project delivery, and
  • Is aimed towards the Victorian Government, increasing knowledge and understanding of Offsite Construction methods within project teams

The Guide also provides users with two practical tools to assist departments and agencies in evaluating their project’s suitability for Offsite Construction and determining appropriate procurement models.

Future Activities

Offsite Construction Legal Review

We are working to update traditional standard contracts to manage the emerging legal considerations of implementing offsite construction on projects

Offsite Construction Policy

To further the uptake of offsite construction across Victorian Government projects, the Policy will detail requirements and good practice aspects in applying offsite construction.

Offsite Construction Training

Training Victorian Government staff who deliver major infrastructure projects in how to use and implement offsite construction.

Asset standards

Collaborations with VPS and offsite construction stakeholders to facilitate the development of common design and engineering standards. 

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